Functional Braces

Functional braces

Align the jaws not the teeth

Some problems that orthodontists are trained to deal with involve correcting jaw disharmonies using dentofacial orthopaedics. In growing patients, functional appliances can be used to put the jaws in balance, achieve good facial muscle function and create natural facial proportions. Functional appliances are available in many forms with different names. Twin block, Activators, Bionators, and Frankels are only a few of those available. Age assessment is done by 10-11 years of age as the treatment has to be timed with your growth spurt. These appliances can be designed to not only move teeth but also correct the alignment of the jaws which hold the teeth. The most common objective is to correct an underdeveloped lower jaw.

Functional appliances can sometimes be used alone to correct a problem but often correct treatment can only be provided by a combined approach using functional appliances as well as "Fixed" appliances. At City Orthodontics we are trained to diagnose your problem correctly and recommend the right treatment.