Care of your teeth

Care of your Teeth

BRUSHING: When you have a brace it takes longer to clean your teeth and gums. It is essential to not only brush your teeth morning and evening but to have a toothbrush with you so that when you eat you can safely remove any food that may stick to your brace. Poor brushing can lead to decalcification of the teeth. This creates permanent white patches on the front of the teeth where the enamel has been weakened, this can lead to cavities. Decalcification is less common with lingual braces and if it were to occur it cannot be seen.

MOUTHWASH: Apart from brushing fluoride mouthwashes are encouraged to be used every evening to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

DISCLOSING TABLETS: These tablets can be used to highlight those areas that you may be having difficulty reaching during your tooth brushing. They will stain the areas where plaque is still present and hence alert you to an area you may have missed.